Conference pricing options.

Diverse feedback makes this conference a success, including feedback from people with diverse titles and professions. Accordingly, we try to offer a variety of pricing options. Similar trainings from other vendors approximate our Standard Package, with rates that are 50% higher and have fewer training hours... without room and board.

Sometimes, if you know someone who can share a Queen bed with you, we can offer 2-for-1 pricing in the Private accommodations. With multiple work groups, couples and friends still have their confidentiality from one another during the experiential workgroup hours.

Our curent pricing schedule is as follows. To apply, please visit this link.

Picture of Effective Influence
Effective Influence
Jan 27- Feb 1, 2017

  • 40+ training hours

  • Includes room and board at beachfront location

  • Pre- and post- conference applications coaching

  • Private Queen room: $2400

  • Shared room, twin beds: $1400

  • Superbudget accommodations: $800

  • Picture of TeamSmarts
    Sept 22-25, 2016

  • 20+ training hours

  • Hosted by Yale School of Management

  • This event is full.