People can learn, do and achieve more in life together than they can apart.
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TEAMSMARTS is a 3-day boot camp to practice the skills to manage team and organizational dynamics. Attendees explore how roles, hierarchies, influencers, connections and success factors develop, evolve and are strengthened. more...

TEAMSMARTS: Info & Application

Fri to Wed, Apr 17- Apr 22, 2020, South of Santa Cruz

CCCI's 5-day EFFECTIVE INFLUENCE is a managerial interpersonal skills boot camp. As the country evolves, we face new communication challenges. This conference has been helping professionals learn to communicate and succeed with diverse others. Attendees learn by actively practicing and getting feedback on new skills. more...

2014 Conference

Why attend a CCCI conference? Click TEAMSMARTS or EFFECTIVE INFLUENCE for more information, or here for anonymous feedback gathered at 20 prior Effective Influence conferences.

Based on experiential learning techniques developed at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, CCCI's residential EFFECTIVE INFLUENCE is for professionals seeking to manage challenging, conflictual or emotionally charged group dynamics and team situation by building skills to:

  • Explore gaps among impacts you want to have, believe you had & actually had

  • Recognize group-level patterns that often go unnoticed

  • Lead and build influence by responding effectively to these patterns

  • Coach yourself through emotional situations more flexibly

  • Expand your range of choices in managing charged situations

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Portions of TEAMSMARTS were developed by Mary Ann Huckabay and Flo Holman for the Stanford GSB facilitator community.


"Ordinary training courses translate materials from books. At CCCI, the real world is brought in by skilled facilitators, who guided us to inquire about the impact of our own behaviors on others, as well as the impact that others' behaviors had on us. This was a unique experience and well worth it!"

-- Wai Poc, HR Principal at Roche-Genentech

"CCCI's conference had a profound impact on me as an OD professional. The positive feedback from my Sonoma State colleagues right after stunned me. Afterwards, I kept on growing... My second CCCI was different because the attendees were different... but very, very positive."

--Sabrina Coleman, Novartis