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TeamSmarts Effective Influence
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Thu to Sun Fri to Sun
Sep 20-23, 2018 Mar 01-06, 2019
Monterey Monterey
Price range:
  • TBD for 2018.
  • Price range:
  • Budget $800
  • Standard $1,400
  • Private $2,500
  • Focused upon seeing, intervening and succeeding at the group level, this t-group based training includes not only the usual member-level view of t-groups, but also the group-level lens that is typically offered only to t-group facilitators.

    A small group training encouraging collaboration across interpersonal and cross-cultural divides with developmental models about communication, conflict management, cross-cultural dialogue, team development and more.

    Practice recognizing/intervening with:

  • Overt and covert group dynamics
  • Fitting interventions to dynamics
  • Group developmental stages
  • Group influence and group roles
  • Scapegoating of individuals or subgroups
  • Common mis-steps and recommendations
  • Explore and practice:

  • Exploring gaps among impacts you want to have, believe you had & actually had
  • Giving and utilizing effective feedback
  • Bridging differences w/ actionable model
  • Coaching oneself thru emotional situations
  • Managing difficult conversations choicefully