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CCCI TeamSmarts Thursday to Sunday, Sep 20-Sep 23, 2018

To register, fill out this form and pay securely with credit card online, or mail payment to Cross-Cultural Communications, c/o Dr. Seiff-Haron, 582 Market Street Ste 715, SF, CA 94104.

This year, due to increased housing costs, pricing is based upon your choice of accommodations: private, shared or budget.

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This information is requested so as to avoid inadvertent "tokening" of minority groups while maximizing diversity of opinion, and therefore value of feedback, in each of the workgroups.

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Ride Sharing To The Conference Site:

Limited parking is available at Pajaro Dunes.

Able to offer a ride to local atendees
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Will need a ride from San Jose Airport

Air travelers should plan to arrive at San Jose Airport no later than 2:30 pm on the first day, and to depart no earlier than 4:00 pm on the final day. the Beachfront Conference site is not close to the airport and rush hour traffic is difficult.

I have read this brochure and hereby apply for membership in the conference.
I understand that the full price of my attendance is non-refundable if I cancel my reservation, since my lodgings and materials will be purchased upon receipt of my application.
I understand that this application constitutes my commitment to attend this educational conference, and that my deposit is non-refundable. I will inform CCCI if I am unable to attend.
I understand that my commitment also extends to a short pre-reading and a 90 minute executive coach consultation by phone prior to the conference.
I am not under the care of a psychiatrist or psychotherapist, or if I am under the care of a psychotherapist or psychiatrist, I have consulted with him or her, received their explicit approval to attend an experiential process group at this time and am providing name and phone number below. (This information is requested in the rare event that a concern about your well-being arises during the conference. The staff would notify you before making any such call.)